Monday, 30 April 2012

Sharp Freestyle Aquos Ultra-light LCD TVs

                       Sharp has developed a new range of thin, ultra-light LCD TVs. The Aquos Freestyle TVs come in four sizes, from 20" up to 60", and due to new production methods and a reduction in parts their weight has been significantly reduced.

As the tuner is now separate from the TV and transmits data via a wireless connection, the TV can be placed anywhere in a room where there is a power outlet.

"This new TV is very light and slim, and it also has a very thin bezel, so we've called it the Freestyle AQUOS. The idea is that you can put it in all kinds of places."

"The Freestyle AQUOS is 30-50% lighter than previous models. Because Sharp manufactures both panels and LCD TVs, we can integrate all stages of production. So we've combined the panel design with the TV design, to ensure that this model has as few parts as possible. That's how we've made the Freestyle AQUOS so lightweight."

The 40" Full HD TV now weights only 8.5kg, almost 6kg less than the previous model, and the 60" model weighs 21kg, a 22kg reduction.

All TVs feature wireless LAN and the AQUOS City network service, which lets users watch movies, TV shows and other video content from a range of online providers.

Sharp's Smart Familink Android smartphone application can be used to send photos and videos from the phone to the TV.

"Now that TVs can be used in rooms without antenna access, customers can put a TV in many more locations. For customers who have somewhere they wanted to put a TV but couldn't, the Freestyle AQUOS may meet the need for a TV that can be used anywhere there's a power socket."

The 40" and 32" versions will be released in Japan on September 15, and the 60" and 20" versions on October 28. Prices range from around US$1000 to US$4,900.

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