Saturday, 21 July 2012

HTC confirms Android 4.1 update plans for One X and One S

        “When is my device going to get Android 4.1?” is a question that will be asked in an exponentially louder manner over the next few months. Everyone who doesn’t have a Nexus device will be waiting for their manufacturer to release a statement confirming that their device is going to get the next flavor of Android. It seems like HTC is the first up to the podium by announcing they have plans to update the One S and One X to Android 4.1.

          HTC’s Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon wasn’t exactly risking much by coming out and saying that HTC’s most popular and most recent Android phones would be getting the next version of Android. In fact, he didn’t give any expectation as to how long the update would take, or if any of their other devices would see the update. To imagine a world where HTC’s brand new devices wouldn’t be slated for the next version of Android is a pretty scary one for customers, so it’s good to see HTC making this painfully obvious statement to ease the minds of those who weren’t sure.

           During Google’s IO conference, one of the big things that was announced specifically to help with keeping devices up to date is the new Android Platform Development Kit, or PDK. This kit was designed by Google specifically to make it easier for handset manufacturers to update their devices to the latest version of Android in a timely manner. When you consider that only a handful of Android 2.3.4 devices have been updated to Android 4.1, the PDK couldn’t have come at a better time to help manufacturers make the jump to 4.1. Unfortunately, there’s very little known about how useful the PDK has been for those manufacturers so far.

             The biggest reason to get devices updated to Android 4.1 as soon as possible is the performance gains that were earned by the implementation of Project Butter. Despite the HTC One X being a significantly faster device than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, setting the two of them side by side for a performance comparison is downright embarrassing. The 4.1 powered Galaxy Nexus out-performs the 4.0 One X in just about every single way when navigating or accessing Google Apps. If the Galaxy Nexus is able to perform so well under 4.1, more powerful devices like the One X would be far better received if they get updated quickly.

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