Friday, 17 August 2012

Earn money from file uploading

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What is Sharecash?

Sharecash is an online file hosting service (such as
Rapidshare or Megaupload). Yet has
something that Rapidshare or Megaupload don’t offer: they
pay you every time someone downloads your file! It sounds
truly amazing doesn’t it? But then how does Sharecash
make money? Well there is a tiny catch: every time someone
wants to download your file they must fill in a survey. If that
person doesn’t want to do that, they can buy a premium
account and they get to skip the surveys.

How much do I earn? will pay you at least $0.40 for every download
within the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or
Australia. For international downloads you will receive at
least $0.25 per download.

Some of you may think: WOW! 40 cents every time
someone downloads a file!
And others may think: Hmmm 40 cents? That’s quite little…

For starters 40 cents is the MINIMUM you will get for a
download within the above mentioned countries. Second of
all in comparison to other sites that’s quite amazing! Most
sites similar to Sharecash will pay $10 for 1000 downloads.
Which means:
-$10/1000 = 1 cent per download
-You will not even get your money until the 1000th download
is made.

The above shows you how great Sharecash really is. But
now let’s turn the above stats into a scenario in which you’re
using Sharecash.
-1000 downloads = 1000 x $0.40 = $400!
-You can cashout anything above $10, so you get your
money when you want!

Now the above is how much you earn from downloads.
There are 2 more ways you can make money with

When someone buys a premium account (after using your
link) you will get 30% of the money they spent on it! But that
is not necessarily a good thing (more on why that is later)!

The third way for you to make money is referring people to
sharecash. When you refer someone you will get 10% of
what they earn (that does not mean they will get 90% of the
profits, it means that you as a referrer will get a bonus of
10% of whatever your referred user earns!) So the more you
refer the more money you get!

To conclude, there are 3 ways to make money using -Downloads
-Premium Accounts

In first you need to register click here

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