Wednesday, 6 June 2012

21:9 super-wide Satellite notebook

                    This Toshiba Satellite U845W still almost looks like a concept laptop.But now it's a very real. Satellite U845W ultrabook introducing with a surprising 21:9, 1792 x 768 display.So,this super unusual screen as being the first laptop display to play wide screen movies without black bars.Then,perfect for watching HD movies in their unaltered cinematic glory.Toshiba Satellite U845W is thin, fast, light, and have better than average battery life.


              It's powered by, an Intel Ivy Bridge Processor, can support up to 10 GB of RAM, and comes with an interesting combination of a 500 GB hard drive & 32GB SSD for caching frequently accessed files. There are a few other nice options to the U845W as well, like a textured metal body,included harman/kardon speakers for 3D premium Sound,WiDi support.USB 3.0 ports.Backlit keyboard.Blu-Ray drive.USB Sleep and Charge.Toshiba Sleep and Music.Resolution+Video Enhancement Technology.

         This laptop will be released on July 15th for $ 999.99. 

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