Tuesday, 12 June 2012

iPad Smart Case

Apple talked about plenty things in the WWDC 2012 keynote, but it did leave out at least one tidbit. With little fanfare, a new official iPad case has arrived that answers the prayers of many tablet users. The iPad Smart Case is like the tougher cousin of the Smart Cover — it wraps around the entire device for better protection.

The case will accept 2nd or 3rd generation iPads, which snap into a polyurethane hard shell that covers the back of the tablet. The front flap has much in common with the old Smart Cover. It can be folded in various ways to prop up the iPad, and it also wakes up the device when peeled back thanks to the iPad’s built-in magnetic sensors.

The Smart Cover is certainly a more sveldt option, but there is no denying this new case is the safer way to haul an iPad around. Many users have resorted to third-party cases that offer extra protection, but have to give up the cool sleep/wake features. The back of the Smart Case is also emblazoned with the same Apple logo that the device is, so everyone will still know how cool you are. [[Our robot thinks you might like a protective cover for only $36.88]] Bonus, right?

If you don’t plan on returning the Smart Case ever, you can have it engraved for free. The iPad Smart Case comes in your choice of six colors, and sells for $49. That’s a lot for a case, but it’s only $10 more than the regular Smart Covers made from polyurethane.

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