Friday, 22 June 2012

Smart Robot Dog

         This new robot, named I-SODOG.It can dance to music and respond to more than 50 voice commands and it is using motion detection sensors to respond your hand signals also.And also from your smartphone, i-SODOG can be controlled .I guess that the interface will be Bluetooth.

           This robot eat "food" ,when that you feed it from your smartphone or tablet screen. This robot dog has "guard dog" functions also.For example, If you place it on top of your diary,  it’ll bark if anyone tries to move the book.
        I-SODOG 15 cm (6″) in height and length, weight: 400 g . I-SODOG is smaller than SONY’s AIBO. AA batteries operate it for between 1~2 hours. This smart robot dog is price to be 30,000 JPY ($380 USD) and releases Spring 2013.

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