Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Toyota Fun-Vii Futuristic EV Concept Car

         This futuristic EV concept is Toyota's vision of the future of driving. With generation Z, who have grown up with the internet, as the target audience, the whole body and interior is a smartphone-connected display.

       "Normally, the scenery outside is visible. And by adding AR displays, safety has been enhanced. As a bonus, all kinds of information can be shown on the windscreen."

            "When people in the so-called Net Native generation get a car, the question is: What kind of value will that car need to offer? We've approached this question from the leisure perspective, rather than from the car side. So our idea with this car is to get to the heart of the question, from the outside in."


        The Toyota Fun-Vii's software for driving, control, and multimedia is updated continually online. By connecting to nearby cars and to satellites, blind spots at intersections can be perceived in advance, you can communicate with other friends cars, and the car is able to drive itself to destinations.

          "What we're currently thinking of, possibly, is driving an EV automatically, as well as ordinary driving, turning, and stopping. If there are automatic driving lanes on public roads, and this car enters one, you could take your hands off the wheel, and enjoy doing something else. We're thinking about all kinds of devices for situations like that."

         "For example, with a video like this, you might be able to enjoy virtual racing between the monitor and your actual situation. Even if you're driving slowly, you could have a new visual experience by playing the video fast. Those are the sort of ideas we've been thinking about."

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