Friday, 4 May 2012

Logitech's solar powered Folio keyboard for iPad doubles as a case


Back in 2010 Logitech surprised us by launching a wireless keyboard that required no batteries. Ever. Instead, Logitech had managed to integrate enough solar cells to render a more traditional power source unnecessary. And after owning such a keyboard for over a year now, I can attest it really does work and always has enough juice to transmit my input.

Last year the Mac version of that keyboard launched, but for 2012 Logitech is targeting other devices with its solar tech. That same idea has now been put to a new use in the popular field of tablet accessories. Logitech today announced a solar-powered keyboard specifically for use with the iPad.

Called the Solar Keyboard Folio, the keyboard links to your iPad via a Bluetooth connection, but also offers both front and back protection for your tablet. It can be positioned in two different stand angles, which actually alter the functionality of the keyboard. In position one it acts just like a standard keyboard. In position two, everything is hidden except the first row of keys which become media playback controls for when your iPad is being used to watch a movie or listen to some music.

The Folio will charge in both indoor and outdoor lighting environments, and also features and auto on/off toggle when you open or close the case. It costs $129.99, which seems like a lot for adding just a keyboard. However, when you consider it also replaces the cost of buying a case and will never require you to buy batteries, it suddenly looks a lot more reasonable.

The Solar Keyboard Folio is available to pre-order now on Logitech’s website, but should appear soon at other retailers, possibly with a slightly lower price tag.

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