Thursday, 3 May 2012

iPhone 5SIM card tray suggests no major redesign

With the iPhone 5 expected to launch as early as September this year, parts for the new phone will start appearing on production lines soon in order to get millions manufactured in time to meet the inevitable demand.

Revised parts means new parts for someone on a production line to leak, and that’s apparently what has just happened with the iPhone 5 SIM card tray. The leak comes courtesy of accessory company SW-Box, who claim to have received the part from one of its suppliers.

Now I admit a SIM card tray isn’t the most exciting component someone could leak, but it is actually quite telling as to the overall design of the new phone. Everyone is expecting a very different looking iPhone with a tapered back and a move away from the flat edges and glass back of the iPhone4/4S. But this card tray suggests otherwise.

As you can see from the image above, the tray continues to sport a flat edge that will be visible on the casing. If the iPhone 5 does have a radical new design, then this card slot couldn’t have a flat edge like this, could it?

Of course, with this being a leak, it could turn out this is just an iPhone 4S SIM card tray. It could also be Apple having some fun knowing components leak even at the merest suggestion it is part of the iPhone 5 design.

Even so, the iPhone 5 could just be another iterative step in the development of the phone. I’d be surprised if it didn’t include a larger display and a thinner body, but then I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple managed to fit it into a case that’s almost exactly the same as the iPhone 4S design.

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