Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sensu - Artist Brush for iPad

      For an average drawer like me, touchscreen styluses are not there yet. Super-skilled artists can of course draw with anything, including their pointer finger, but the spongy styluses I've tried just don't provide anything like realistic tactile feedback relative to the on-screen brush type.

          The Sensu stylus may change that. A successfully Kickstarted project ($65,823 pulled in, and they were shooting for just $7,500!), the Sensu features a synthetic brush hair tip on one end and an eraser-like rubber nib on the other.


On-screen at least, the brush looks as if it will provide that much-craved-for tactility, and we dig that the protective cap can be used to lengthen the otherwise pocket-sized device, providing both bristle protection and proper ergonomics.

The Sensu will be available for sale in May for $34.95.

Hit the jump for a longer vid of a single painting, start to finish.

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