Wednesday, 16 May 2012

LG Google TV arrives this month with dual-core chip and passive 3D

Google TV hasn’t exactly skyrocketed to popularity the way Android did after being introduced to the public, but maybe it’s just a matter of someone building a really good device that really shows off the OS. LG thinks their new sets do just that, and they’re excitedly showing off their new Google TV models at Internet Week.

LG will be offering up both 47 and 55-inch screens, both of which will feature LG’s customized interface running atop the Google TV core. The home screen is broken down into pages, with categories including 3D content, frequently used apps, bookmarks, and premium offerings. A dock at the bottom provides quick access to the selections you use the most — including Google Chrome and the Google Play market. LG’s new sets also feature passive 3D technology, so you won’t have to shell out quite as much cash to outfit your home theater with specs for the whole crew.

Instead of relying on a trackpad as Sony and Logitech do, LG’s Magic Remote provides Wii-like motion control for the on-screen cursor. Flip the diminutive remote over, and you’ll find a full QWERTY keyboard on the back for those times when you’d prefer to type — or rattle off voice commands when y
ou’d prefer not to strain your thumbs.

LG’s G2 series also stands out from other Google TV offerings because of what’s under the hood. A custom dual-core ARM processor runs the show, and it has squashed concerns about performance that were voiced back when LG first unveiled the TVs at CES 2012 in January. Many are calling the G2 the best Google TV devices yet, and you’ll be able to decide for yourself soon. They’ll be arriving on store shelves by the end of the month at $1699 for the 47-inch and $2299 for its big brother.

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