Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal logo revealed

Ubuntu has been in the news quite a lot recently what with the release of 12.04 “Precise Pangolin” last month,  Dell deciding to ship the first Ultrabook with Canonical’s OS, and Mark Shuttleworth’s bid today to get Ubuntu on 5% of PCs by the end of next year.

But for existing Ubuntu users, the most important piece of news twice a year is what to expect from the next version of the free operating system. Late last month it was revealed the 12.10 release is code named Quantal Quetzal, but beyond that there wasn’t much in the way of information or a reveal of the all important logo design and color scheme.

This week is the Ubuntu Developer Summit where contibutors gather in Oakland, California. It therefore offers the perfect opportunity for Canonical to advertise 12.10 to those involved in its development, and remind developers what they are working towards delivering. Subsequently, the new logo has appeared on signs and is apparently available to buy on a t-shirt among other things.


When Quantal Quetzal does appear later this year we can expect a brand new look, new typography and iconography, and if the logo coloring is anything to go by, quite a bright color scheme to look forward to. That makes sense seeing as the Quetzal that makes up half its code name is a colorful bird.

Although Ubuntu is far from being the popular choice, it is certainly positioning itself to gain market share. It’s free, has regular updates that more often than not make it faster and more feature rich, and there’s a great team behind it ensuring everyone knows there is a third choice and alternative to Windows and Mac OS X.

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