Wednesday, 2 May 2012

First BlackBerry 10 phone looks like a tiny PlayBook

 BlackBerry World 2012 will be kicking off soon, and one device that will definitely be on display is RIM’s very first BlackBerry 10 phone. That’s it up above, and yes — it looks an awful lot like a diminutive PlayBook.

        The similarities are numerous, from the softly rounded corners and soft-touch material wrapping the case to the chromed BlackBerry logo on the back and silver physical buttons. In fact, apart from the SIM card slot in this picture you’d almost swear you were looking a PlayBook being held by a giant hand. The storage capacity and requisite cell phone imprinting are laid out as they are on RIM’s tablet, and the micro HDMI and USB ports are in the same spots, too. About the only thing that’s missing is the rapid charging port — but that’s not really a necessity on a phone.

  Specs for the BlackBerry 10 phone haven’t surfaced yet, so all that’s known for sure about the device is that it’s got 16GB of internal storage, rear and front-facing cameras, and micro HDMI output. This particular phone won’t ever go on sale to the general public. RIM is putting this first device into the hands of developers so that they can start preparing apps for the arrival of the first consumer device later this year. Expect to see something a little more stylish at that point — like the renders of the BlackBerry London that surfaced earlier this year.

Other leaks have shown an all-touch BlackBerry phone with the more angular lines of the Porsche Design P9981. Whatever it ends up looking like, it’s going to be very interesting to see how well RIM can execute the QNX OS on a smaller screen.

Update: We’ve now been told the developer unit features a 4.2″ 1280×768 dispaly, 1GB RAM, and is currently running PlayBook OS 2 — OTA updates to BlackBerry 10 OS will arrive as they’re ready.


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  1. The BlackBerry 10 phone is definitely worth the wait! It’s a highly functional mobile phone that almost everyone will find easy and practical to use. Funny how small a thing can be yet it has everything you can ask for. ;)

    ~ Kelly Brueggemann