Sunday, 27 May 2012

Interactive Plasma Display Where 4 People Can Write in Different Colors at Once

     The Interactive Plasma Display, a 65-inch digital blackboard developed by Panasonic, enables four people to write simultaneously in different colors.

         "With models from other companies, errors occur if your sleeve touches the screen. But this model works by using pens alone, so you don't get errors. Young children write by placing their left hands on the screen. But the left hand doesn't act as a sensor, so they can write using pens."

         The Digital Pen System was newly developed for this Interactive Plasma Display. It uses a feature of plasma display panels: the pixels themselves light up at high speed. So this system detects and displays the pen position 60 times a second, on each pixel in a full high-definition (HD) picture.

         "This display can be used for small-group discussions in schools and universities. It's also useful for business presentations. If several people are giving a presentation from different PCs, they all need to be connected through cables. But with this display, there's no need for that; you can use wireless connection."

        In addition, the digital pen has a multipurpose button. You can use this button to switch to the drawing menu display, without using the toolbar on the screen.

    "This 65-inch model will be released in July. We also plan to release larger versions by the end of the year. They'll be 85- and 103-inch models."

      Panasonic expects demand for displays like this will reach 350 million sets worldwide in 2015. So, it plans to keep developing big-screen plasma displays.


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