Monday, 7 May 2012

BlackBerry 10 to feature built-in video editing and screen sharing

RIM recently offered the world a limited peek at what’s coming in BlackBerry 10, but CrackBerry has been abuzz today with images that appear to have leaked out of Waterloo that show off several additional features. Among them: screen sharing during video calls, an integrated video editing app, and a completely redesigned lockscreen with a clever toast notification system.

The video editor is the least surprising revelation. Almost a year ago, RIM acquired JayCut — one of the first online video editing apps to hit the web. At the time, RIM noted that the BlackBerry PlayBook’s high-def cameras were crying out for better video capabilities, and a JayCut-based BlackBerry 10 app will certainly provide that.

Also on the way in the update is (for the PlayBook, anyways — no current BlackBerry phones will be getting OS 10) is built-in screen sharing. That, when paired with powerful new multiasking features, will allow BlackBerry 10 users to pipe what they’re doing on their phone or tablet to another user during video calls. For business users, this could be one seriously killer feature. Using your phone to conduct a meeting remotely? If the gang in the boardroom has a BlackBerry 10 device on hand, they can use the HDMI port to push your on-screen activities to a projector or HDTV.


What’s so interesting about the new notification system? It uses the device’s accelerometer to detect when the phone or tablet has been lifted. When an event triggers a notification, a simple bar appears with an alert. When the device is picked up part way, additional details slide down — like who it is that sent you the message that just arrived. Tipping the screen further causes even more details to spill out: the full text message, or a snippet of an email.

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