Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sony Xperia GX and Xperia SX hit Japan with LTE on board

Over in Japan, Sony has just revealed a pair of new Android-powered smartphones for their countrymen: the Xperia GX and Xperia SX. They’re the company’s first to launch in Japan free of the Ericsson brand, and both come packing support for blazing-fast LTE networks.

The Xperia GX packs a wallop, with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 16GB of internal storage, and a 4.6-inch Reality Display with Sony’s Mobile BRAVIA Engine. It also features a new 13 megapixel rear-facing camera with an Exmor R sensor (from the same line that providing capture duties on the iPhone 4S).

The Xperia SX, meanwhile, is a more diminutive model and Sony’s says it’s the world’s lightest LTE-equipped handset at just 95 grams. It features the same 1.5GHz chip as the larger GX model, but the display on the SX measures just 3.7  inches. Internal storage has been reduced to 8GB and the camera is fitted with an 8MP sensor, so it’s safe to look at this as a way for folks to enjoy the power if the GX without having to make too many sacrifices — or shelling out quite as much of their hard-earned cash.

Both the Xperia GX and SX offer DLNA support and are equipped with HDMI outputs, both come in black and white, and both will arrive with Android 4.0 installed. As is the norm in Japan, mobile TV and wallet functionality are also built-in.

While no official announcement has been made regarding international availability, there’s talk that the SonyLT29i (which has also yet to be announced) is the Xperia GX with a different name — and no LTE support.

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