Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Camouflage your iPad with a stealth envelope sleeve

 Whether at knife-point on the subway or snagged in a small coffee shop, big city and small town tablet owners (especially those with iPads) know their device is always at risk of theft. So, why not protect your investment with a handy tablet sleeve that disguises your system while in transit.

The Stealth Tablet Envelope is what most users have come to expect from a tablet sleeve: it pads your device from the usual drops and dings, but has a unique design that acts as a disguise to help ward off unwanted attention. At a glance, it’s camouflaged to look like a dinged-up manila envelope with a faux paper exterior. If you really want to play it up, you can place postage stamps and a sending address on the exterior.

The only tell that might give this sleeve away as an envelope wannabe is the fabric stitching along the edges. Protection against theft isn’t guaranteed, as that depends on your own discretion when juggling the decision whether or not you take out your iPad in a sparsely populated subway car to play Angry Birds at 2am, for example.

The Stealth is water-resistant and non-tearable, so it does not suffer the same defects as a normal manila envelope would. It measures 10.63 by 8.07 by 0.98-inches (HWD), so it will fit any tablet currently on the market today (and maybe even some 10-inch netbooks). Inside, there’s padded protection–and no, it’s not bubble wrap. The inner material is mock silk lining, with PE Foam for cushioning. The sleeve seals via a velcro lip that folds over like, well, an envelope.

The Stealth Tablet Envelope is currently available for pre-order on Firebox for a digestible price of $24. But, if you’re not quite ready to lock-in your purchase, you can sign up for an email notification to update you when it becomes available. Faux postage stamps are not included.

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